Sunday, 29 September 2013

Advantages of WordPress & Joomla

Internet has become the objective of business owners searching to endorse their products and services all around the world.

The development of tempting business websites is a cost effective strategy for online market and is being adopted by almost 100% professionals today, in order to reach out to maximum online users. Therefore, in order to have a competitive online existence in the market, businesses are determined to develop well-made and informed websites that provide latest information about their products/services, so as to attract more and more customers.

Joomla and WordPress are two of the most popular CMS development tools that are being widely used to perform business web development, which allow for successful management of business websites.

Benefits of using WordPress and Joomla:
-          Cost-effective development of websites,
-          Easily manageable website without having technical knowledge of web development.  Even a         new user without having web development knowledge can manage a WordPress or Joomla site,
-          It is easy to add and manage content on sites like editing pages, linking web pages to a certain domain, updating content, uploading images, multimedia and much more,
-          The two platforms allow for custom CMS development by offering a choice of styles, features, colors, and appealing built-in themes, plug-ins and templates that help develop a site in lesser time; thus enhancing the overall user experience.
-          With the help of CMS, you can support several websites at the same time, and also provide support to multiple users as any authorized person from anywhere around the world can also add or edit related information.
-          Both the content management systems offer high level security. Only the owner of the site should have full control of the website.

Therefore, with so many benefits of the two CMS systems; WordPress and Joomla, business owners can endorse their products and services online through easily manageable websites; thus increasing the effectiveness, usability and functionality of your business website.

- The IndaPoint Team

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