Monday, 23 September 2013

Release of PHP 5.4.20

PHP is a widely-used general-purpose scripting speech that is especially suited for Web development and can be embedded into HTML. PHP is an short form for "PHP Hypertext Pre-processor". PHP is a widely-used, open source scripting language, PHP scripts are executed on the server and PHP costs nothing, it is free to download and use.

The PHP development team announces the quick accessibility of the latest version of PHP 5.4.20 & PHP 5.4.4. About 30 bugs were fixed. All PHP 5.4 users are encouraged to upgrade to this version. This release fixes several bugs against PHP 5.5.3.

Specialty in PHP is that that it runs on various platforms (Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac OS X, etc.) and is friendly with almost all servers used today (Apache, IIS, etc.). It supports wide range of databases. Free to download and easy to learn.

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