Friday, 4 October 2013

Cloud Computing: Changing Enterprise Tech

In the years to come, what will happen to the several dollars businesses spend on technology. 

Lot of companies are trying to stitch together lots of different software from different technology providing companies. The biggest key factor of this change is cloud computing, where the software is based at one place and retrieved over the Internet from anywhere. With cloud computing, upfront costs are much less often and latest version of software appear as easily as an update on a smartphone, so the product is never out of date.

Shifting a company to cloud-computing services is also faster than old corporate software methods of installations, which may take more than usual time and require the services of expensive consultants.This statement is enough to explain the changing enterprise technology ways. Corporate tech savvy people are heading away from owning the technology outright and are instead asking others to do it for them in exchange of a monthly or annual fee.

-The IndaPoint Team

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