Thursday, 14 November 2013

Why Responsive Web Design Is Here to Stay?

Most Web design trends are just that. But in popularly growing mobile world, with an increasingly large variety of mobile devices, the principles of responsive Web design is becoming more popular. Here are three ways developers need to react to the demands of responsive Web design.

The theory of responsive web design and development ensures a website can be viewed from any device, with any size screen, with an experience that elegantly moves from step-down to step-up. It's about accepting the fact that users want to experience website on their 4-inch mobile smart phone, 7-inch mini tablet screen, their full-size 10-inch tablet device, their laptop screen and even their big-screen 4H HDTV. The design is responsive because it constantly takes into account the properties of the device and the browser.

Responsive Web design sensibly uses grids, which let developers define how an experience will scale up, as well as flexible images, formats and containers.

           By using relative measurements for elements on a page and their containers, the basic design and usability of a page can be maintained while scaling up and down on different browser sizes.

-The IndaPoint Team