Sunday, 8 September 2013

Advancing Cloud Computing - 2

Cloud computing has evolved a lot over the course of the past few years. The market has changed considerably since its beginning, and many good practices have evolved into actual standards for providers. Moving your systems to a public cloud environment requires you to belief your cloud provider on many levels.

In spite of the impressive growth of the cloud, even top players in the market, such as Amazon and Rackspace, are fairly young companies, having been around the market for a bit over five years.There is a need of more cloud servicing companies like us.

One of the great advantages of cloud computing over the usual IT model, luckily is that the cloud does not need you to jump into a long term promise with a provider with a candid investment. The cloud pay-as-you-go model, coupled with the fact that most providers allow you to test-drive their services for free, means that you can study a lot about the different providers before making a choice, and most times spending almost nothing.

-The IndaPoint Team 

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