Monday, 14 October 2013

Everyone Needs a Private Cloud

Concerns about security and control make the "private cloud” a more pleasant option for many.

One can implement their own private cloud by using a “cloud in a box” solution for office applications that can save the company money in the form of fewer license fees for office software. 

It is popular today to have a cloud of your own, no matter how small you are. When you have been in IT for over 30 years, you see a lot of changes in opinions—and invariably, thought cycles reverse and “old thoughts” resurface in new ways. The fact is, we all appreciate that cloud is here to stay and that it will continue to make inroads into data centers and IT infrastructure. But what we don’t know is where the predictable “pushbacks” can take place down the road. 

It is not too far-fetched for an enterprise to hedge against the turns that technology takes—and to embark on their own cloud journeys with the wish to understand fully what cloud is all about and how it works, regardless of how small they are. For most companies, this means engagement with a private cloud.

-The IndaPoint Team

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